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From Chaos to Calm - A Simple Closet Transformation

If you're tired of opening your entry closet, only to be greeted by an avalanche of coats, shoes and randomness, you are not alone! ...and if you are perplexed on what organizing products to buy for a closet like this, we've got you covered!

The entryway closet is often neglected and can easily become a breeding ground for clutter.

With a little determination and some simple organizing tips, you can turn your chaotic entryway closet into a functional space. In this post, we walk you through one of our simple closet transformations for a family living in a small, 1 bedroom apartment. Their storage space is limited, so this entryway closet will serve as a multi-use space.

1. Come out of the Closet:

The first step is to empty the entire contents of your entryway closet. This allows you to see the extent of your clutter. Begin to place like items together as you bring them out.

2. Sort and Categorize:

Now that you have everything out, finish placing like items together.

Ex: create separate piles for coats, shoes, paper, kitchen, etc.

3. Decide to Keep, Toss or Donate:

Be ruthless in your decision-making. Let go immediately if:

  1. you have no use for it

  2. you don't like it

  3. it doesn't fit

  4. it's damaged

  5. it's dingy

  6. it doesn't look good on you anymore

  7. your style has changed

  8. you're holding it out of guilt

  9. you're holding it out of fear of needing it, some day(though you've never used it in years/never used it at all)

Sort through everything, donate items that are in good condition but no longer serve a purpose in your life. Immediately place donates outside for pickup or take to your car for drop-off.

Toss everything that is damaged, stained or smelly. Recycle as much as possible. Take to trash area right away. Put items you are keeping aside and move to the next step.

4. Clean:

Wipe the shelves, rods and walls. Sweep and mop the floor.

5. Put Away:

Now that everything is spoken for, it's time to put things away.

While some items will be placed individually, others will be best stored in/on an organizing product.

6. Utilize Organizing Products:

To maintain your newly organized closet, make use of any containers, etc. that you have. These additions provide designated spots for your items and maximize your space!

Where to Place Organizing Products:
  1. use vertical space

  2. back of door

  3. walls

  4. shelves

  5. floor

Why Use Organizing Products:
  1. They help keep like items together; which make them easier to find.

  2. They contain small items that tend to get lost.

  3. They help keep items off the floor.

  4. They make your space look good, which will help motivate you to maintain it.

7. Labels:

Though some things are obvious, labeling serves as a guide. Labels remind you where things are and where to put them back!

We did a basic decluttering and organizing of this clients entryway closet. Based on their preferences and budget, we created a basic product list. We encouraged them to purchase suggested products to significantly maximize their closet space and increase the likelihood of them successfully maintaining it long term.


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