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How can you Prepare for the Season of Love if you're still Rockin' around the Christmas Tree?

What to do with all those Decorations ...after the Holidays.

The festive season is officially over, but for some folk, the holiday décor remains in place.

The string of lights no longer twinkle, the deflated reindeers lay lifeless on the lawn.

...and let's face it that big ole' christmas tree in your livingroom is in everybody's way!

If what was once a cheerful task is now giving you the blues then you've come to the right place!

Newsday contacted GoClutterless to help our Long Island neighbors tackle their festive aftermath with basic storage tips.

Check Out our Newsday tips for Holiday Decluttering and Storage: Read the article here and see our Holiday Storage Guide List here.

...and don't you fear, we're here for hands on help! If you're still struggling to tackle holiday put away on your own, call ☎️GoClutterless HelpLine (516) 344-7326 to book our in-home Declutter & Organize service.

❓️Are your Decorations still on Display or Have you Already put them Away?

  • 0%Yep, that's me, i'm still Rockin' round my Christmas Tree🎄

  • 0%Heck No! I get my decorations out the way, immediately!


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