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Here are a few organizing products selected just for you.

  • Entry Closet

To create additional space in your entry closet, get your shoes off the floor into an over the door shoe organizer. 

Shoes in your bedroom closet can also be transferred there.  If there is not enough space for all shoes combined, you can get a vertical, single pair shoe tower 

to be placed on the right or left wall inside the entry closet. 

Another option is a horizontal 3 tier shoe rack to be placed on the floor, in the back of the entry closet. 

  • Linen Closet

We used existing bins/baskets found in your closet.  If you find that you need more space,

an over the door storage organizer is a good addition for the inside of the linen door.

  • Dresser Drawer 

Currently you have labels to help you remember where to find/return the different types of clothing you own. Drawer dividers will help train you to keep the categories separate and tidy within one drawer. 

  • Bedroom Door

An over the door hook rack can serve as a prepping station to hang an outfit for the following day or even just to rest things that you are not ready to put away yet


  • When shopping for any product think intentionally about both your current and possible future needs.

  • Check out the review of whatever product you decide on to see actual customer photos of what it looks like in a real space (not just the product pic)


  • Measure. Check the dimensions of the space you are buying products for to ensure the item will fit. 

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