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The GoClutterless 2023 Clutter-Free Holiday Gift List

The best list of non-physical gifts because the best gifts are not always"stuff"!

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  • UberEATS

  • Door Dash

  • Instacart Membership

  • Favorite restaurant

  • Meal Kit Delivery

  • Personal Chef

  • Cooking Class


  • Tickets to a concert/event

  • Airline tickets

  • Staycation Airbnb, Vrbo,

  • Helicopter ride

  • Ziplining

  • Sip n'Paint

Fun & Games:

  • Escape room

  • Pampering: Hair Salon/Nails/Pedicure or Spa visit


  • Gas Card

  • Car Wash Voucher

  • Uber/Lyft Gift Card

  • Amazon Gift Card

  • Starbucks Gift Card

  • Target Gift Card

  • Itunes Gift Card

Home Services:

  • Landscaping Service

  • Home Organizing Service

  • Cleaning Service


  • Pay for Phone/Utility Service

Streaming Service

  • Netflix Subscription

  • Amazon Prime Membership


  • Babysit

  • Petsit

  • Run errands or help with "to do" list.

The Gift of Ancestry: Though DNA testing is widely used to determine biological paternity or by authorities to id suspects. It has also become popular amongst everyday people for identifying characteristics such as ethnic background, unique family history and even health risks.

  • Ancestry DNA

  • 23andME

  • My Heritage

Gift of Giving: Donations are a great way to support someone who is passionate about a particular cause. You can make a donation to their favorite charity/organization; on their behalf.

Investing: Stocks are a fun way to introduce recipients to investment or add to their current portfolio.

Memento: - request, collect and combine video clips to create a personalized, celebratory group video to show love and holiday cheer to loved ones far and near.

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KeySmart - Quiet Keys

Virtual Therapy



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