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7 Habits of Highly Organized People

If you always find yourself surrounded by clutter, you've probably wondered how organized people manage to stay clutter-free.

What if I told you that though some people are actually natural born organizers, others simply adopted and developed habits to help them maintain their space...

It's true! Highly organized people use hacks and habits to help manage their environment and the great news is you can do it too!

Start with one or jump into all 7 of these habits and I guarantee you will start to see changes. Drum Roll Please!...

Habit #1 - They purge regularly. They know too many things can lead to stress and anxiety so they easily let go of anything that they don't use or need. After all, it just stuff...

Habit #2 - They are mindful of their purchases and only buy things that they need or love. They avoid impulse shopping. They make shopping list and/or only buy things that they have researched and considered carefully.

Habit #3 - They use multi-purpose items that can serve multiple functions. This further reduces chances of clutter and simplifies their life.

Habit #4 - They assign a place for everything they own. This allows them to easily find what they need, when they need it. This also decreases chance of double buying.

Habit #5 - They create smart routines ex:meal prep. They use calenders, automations and combine tasks when possible.

Habit #6 - They keep their surroundings tidy as they go through their day. This helps them to prevent build-up of clutter and it makes larger tasks less overwhelming.

Habit #7 - They focus on experiences over possessions They tend to spend their money on activities that enhance their quality of life, well being and relationships vs. alot of material things.


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