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The Simple Way To Organize Your Spices: A Quick 5 Step-Guide + Pro Tips

Do you have a cabinet full of spices that you never use because you can't find what you're looking for? Or maybe your spices are so old that they've lost their flavor. If so, it's time to get organized!

Here's the simple way to do it!

cluttered spice cabinet and countertop in kitchen
Before: cluttered spice cabinet and countertop

#1 Pull everything out. The first step to decluttering is to get a good look at what you have. Take everything out of your spice cabinet and place it on your counter and/or table.

#2 Get rid of the old. Spices lose their flavor over time. Check the expiration dates and toss expireds.

checking for expired spices
checking for expired spices

#3 Group like items together. Once you've gotten rid of any old spices, group the remaining ones together by type, flavor or taste. For example, you might have a group with cinnamon and nutmeg and another group with basil and thyme.

#4 Group spices for easy use. Though we suggest you group by type, also consider how you use them. For example, if you cook with garlic powder all the time, you might want to put it towards the front of it's group or you may create a separate group altogether that does not necessarily consist of like items but frequently used items.

#5 Choose the best storage location. Now that your spices are grouped, it's time to put them away. It is suggested that spices be stored in a cool, dark area. Whether you have a cupboard, pantry, drawer or shelf, place them in the best place you have available.

organized spice cabinet and countertop
After: organized spice cabinet and countertop

In the "After" image shown above, our client opted not to buy new spice organizers but to use the two-tiered expandable spice rack they previously purchased for their countertop. So, we got creative and removed one of the cabinet shelves to allow the vertical space needed to add their rack into the cabinet and off the counter.

Pro Tips

  1. Decant: If desired, pour spices into a clear spice set so you can easily see and grab for them when cooking. This will help you save time and uniformed containers automatically upgrade your space! ...and when your space looks good you'll likely want to keep it that way!

  2. Label. Once you've put your spices in containers, be sure to label them clearly. This will make it even easier to find what you need.

  3. Use a spice organizer. Spice racks and lazy susan turntables are just a few of the many options available to help you maintain your spices and they are great spacesavers. See more spice organizers for your cabinet, here.

  4. Store spices alphabetically. If you have a lot of spices, storing them alphabetically can make it easier to find what you're looking for.

These pro tips are optional. Your goal is functionality first. Everybody's space and preference is different; do what works for you! ...and remember, if your cabinet or pantry is in disrepair, buying spice containers won't make them Pinterest pretty! That's just putting lipstick on a pig.

Though some organizing products may be necessary to maintain your spice area, we suggest planning for necessary repairs and/or upgrades before doing a full shop for organizing products.

These tips aren't for everyone! JUST BE HONEST! If you don't have a desire to keep up with decanting and labeling your spices, that's ok...

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