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Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Woes of having a Deep Pantry

Oh, the deep pantry, where forgotten foods go to expire...

The deep, dark pantry is notorious for harboring snacks, canned goods and other shelfed foods. Forgotten packages lay hidden, many beyond their expiration date; waiting for the day they are discovered and discarded. Find inspiration for your deep pantry in these before/after pics and our basic product suggestions below.

It gets Worst before it gets Better...

All items are taken out, sorted and checked for freshness. Packages that are almost empty are tossed

View from the Top

This image on the left was the discouraging view this family awoke to for morning coffee each day.

Basic Product Suggestions:

The products below will help to maintain this pantry by keeping items contained, categorized and accessible.

  1. Snack bins

  2. Can organizer

  3. Turntable/Lazy Susan (for condiments & spices)

  4. Canisters (for cereal & pasta)

  5. Teabag caddy (separate by flavor or type)

  6. Adjustable drawer dividers (for larger tea/coffee related items/accessories)

  7. Small drawer organizers

  8. Mesh Stackable Bins

  9. Pre-Made Labels - Print

  10. Pre-Made Labels -Script

*check your pantry dimensions before purchasing items to ensure they are the right size for your space.


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