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Where do all the WILD things go?


We've all seen the dramatic before pics of cluttered, overwhelmed spaces and the breathtaking transformations that leave us inspired ...but where oh where does all that before clutter go?

Where do all the WILD things go??

...It was a late Saturday afternoon. We were wrapping up the final session of a multi-day organizing project. The assistants made their final rounds. Just as they overlooked each area we worked in, making final approvals one by one the family members peaked in, gasping with delight at the amazing transformation.

Mom and Dad who were hands throughout the process, stepped back and smiled with relief.

"Excellent job!" we shouted with a round of applause.

But before Mom and Dad uttered their thank you's one young family member commented

"organizers just come to throw stuff away"...

It was right there in that dual moment of our job well done as a team and that onlooking family members remark that we knew we had to shed some light on the whereabouts of all the before clutter.

Do professional organizers simply throw all the before clutter in the trash??? Where do all the wild things go exactly?


To help you visualize how we arrive at such amazing results at the end of an organizing session, here is a quick run down of the basic process followed when you call a home organizer.

The "WILD things" aka clutter are each held to accountability.

After purging the area: pulling all items out of the area being worked on, your organizer will ask you about each one individually.

Based on your answers/feedback your organizer will help you decide on the best category for each one. Your organizer will always encourage you fulfill your goals set during your assessment.

Keep, Toss and Donate are the most basic and commonly used categories amongst organizers. These simple options encourage efficient decision making.

As your organizer coaches you through the process you will gain a flow that will carry you through to the end of confronting all your belongings and sending them to their rightful place.

keep: categorized and stored appropriately for your access now or later

toss: stored in trash receptacle and placed outside with your reg trash or if you opted for junk removal service your organizer will haul it away at the end of session.

donate: removed by your organizer and transported to a non profit or charitable organization

...and that, ladies and gentlemen is where all the WILD things go.



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