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5 things we do regularly that is just like Decluttering

The following acts, while simple and many times done out of mere routine are actually quite deep and a necessary part of growth.

What else would you add to this list?

#1 - Trimming Spilt Ends from Hair removes dead, fragile ends which decreases breakage and allows for healthier, fuller growth.

#2 - Exfoliating Skin removes a barrier of dead skin cells from the surface of our skin. Doing so stimulates the regeneration process and encourages new growth.

#3 - Clipping Nails to remove excess, unwanted length to prevent the harboring of dirt, bacteria and to prevent hang nails gives nails.

#4 - Dieting allows us to manage our nutrition and eliminate unwanted weight by proportioning our food intake.

#5 - Pruning Plants regulates size and shape, removes diseased or damage parts which allows for new growth.

In every area of our life the principle of Letting go is a vital step towards healthy growth. From walking away from a poor relationship to letting go of toxic foods, we see decluttering is self care and a natural act we can use at anytime to make a step forward.



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