Top 12 Clutterless Gift List

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Our faves

Our Top 12 Clutterless Go To Gifts

While nothing beats the gift of our time; being in the here and now with our friends and loved ones, we have compiled a list for those occasions when a special treat is in order. Whether you need a Birthday Gift, Holiday Gift or Treat for another celebration check out the list below for our favorite, Clutterless gifts.

12 of our favorite thoughtful Clutterless Gifts to Give the ones we love.
  1. Car Wash

  2. Gas Card

  3. Uber/Lyft Gift Card for non-drivers

  4. Pampering:Hair Salon/Nails/Pedicure or Spa visit

  5. Phone/Utility bill cover 1 months bill

  6. Counseling Session everyone needs a good mental health check. Search based on your knowledge of what your loved one struggles with. Online-Therapy is offering portions of their online therpy for free

  7. Stocks are super fun gifts and a fun way to introduce young recipients to investment. Check with your financial programs. We recommend Stockpile, Robinhood

  8. Tile key and item notification device for those who frequently lose keys and other items.

  9. Keysmart while covid_19 has reminder us of the very basics of personal hygiene you can opt to take it a step further with these clean gifts. Check out Keysmart here.

  10. Donation ask if they have a favorite charity, organization or individual in need and make a donation.

  11. Surprise breakfast, lunch or dinner from their favorite restaurant or from a restaurant they have been wanting to try.

  12. Landscaping - pay for their next landscaping visit, leaf removal or snow removal fee

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