These Shoes Were Made For Walking

...not for hiding in the back of the closet or tucked under the bed.

5 Easy Steps to Decluttering our Shoes we can actually wear them!

We'll spare you the complicated steps because we love simplicity & efficiency. While there is no one size fits all, these are the basic steps we use to declutter & organize our clients shoes and our own.

Tip #1 - Pull them out

Pull all of our shoes out into an open space. No shoes left behind!

Tip #2 - Pair them

Pair all our shoes. Place any missing pairs in a separate pile in case we find them later.

p.s. we told you we'd make it simple... Now on to the next step!

Tip #3 - Categorize them

⁠Let's place paired shoes into categories. Examples of basic categories are shoes we wear regularly, special occasion, cold weather, hot weather.

Tip #4 - Purge

  1. Remove shoes that don't fit us, are ugly on us, we never wear, we don't like, are overworn.

  2. Decide to let go of the missing pair pile. #RIP

  3. Place all removed shoes into a trash bag for discard or donation.

  4. Take discards to our trash area and donates to our car or put aside for donation pick-up.

Let' s not complicate this!

Keep the Good.

Get rid of the Bad, the Ugly.

Trust our initial gut reaction.

Be Honest.

Tip #5 - Put them Away

Put our shoes away in a designated area.

A basic option is to look for space in one of these common areas: closet floor, shelf or under the bed.

...or we can upgrade to a shoe organizing product.