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These Shoes Were Made For Walking

...not for hiding in the back of the closet or tucked under the bed.

5 Easy Steps to Decluttering our Shoes we can actually wear them!

We'll spare you the complicated steps because we love simplicity & efficiency. While there is no one size fits all, these are the basic steps we use to declutter & organize our clients shoes and our own.

Tip #1 - Pull them out

Pull all of our shoes out into an open space. No shoes left behind!

Tip #2 - Pair them

Pair all our shoes. Place any missing pairs in a separate pile in case we find them later.

p.s. we told you we'd make it simple... Now on to the next step!

Tip #3 - Categorize them

⁠Let's place paired shoes into categories. Examples of basic categories are shoes we wear regularly, special occasion, cold weather, hot weather.

Tip #4 - Purge

  1. Remove shoes that don't fit us, are ugly on us, we never wear, we don't like, are overworn.

  2. Decide to let go of the missing pair pile. #RIP

  3. Place all removed shoes into a trash bag for discard or donation.

  4. Take discards to our trash area and donates to our car or put aside for donation pick-up.

Let' s not complicate this!

Keep the Good.

Get rid of the Bad, the Ugly.

Trust our initial gut reaction.

Be Honest.

Tip #5 - Put them Away

Put our shoes away in a designated area.

A basic option is to look for space in one of these common areas: closet floor, shelf or under the bed.

...or we can upgrade to a shoe organizing product.

With so many options, it can be hard to know which is best. We narrow down our choices with these factors in mind:

  1. How many pairs of shoes are we keeping?

  2. What is the size of space we are placing the shoe organizer in?

  3. Do we prefer to have shoes visibly displayed or contained and out of the way

  4. Which fits our taste(color, design, texture, etc...)

Efficiency is a Must. The "right" product is the one that fits well into the layout of our closet/room/space and allows us to easily access the shoes we wear regularly. -db


Still Need help to Declutter & Organize?

Book a Consultation To See How We Can Help You!

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