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Organizing Assistant

Job Description


As an assistant you will work alongside our team leaders to reduce clutter and organize spaces in our clients homes. You may be asked to lift items, carry them up and down stairs, and/or work around pets and children.

This is an on-call position; meaning sometimes there may be work available on consecutive days while some weeks there will be no work at all. It is your responsibility to notify Denise of your availability in the shared google calendar.


Hourly wage 


Trial Assistant: $22/hr. (during the 60 hour trial period)

Assistant: $25/hr. (after the 60 hours trial is approved)

Team Leader $30/hr. 


When to expect payment 


You will be paid for a single day session by the end of that session day.  In some instances multi-day sessions will be paid out on the last session day (Densie will notify you when this is necessary). 


Submitting Timesheets


 In order to receive payment you must text the following information to: 516-344-7326.

  • Date(s) of session

  • Location

  • Start & end time

  • Total hours/ total pay 


  • Ex. of single-day session text: 1/10 Woodbury 9-3 6hrs $132  

  • Ex. of multi-day session text: 1/15 GreatNeck 9-3,1/16 GreatNeck 9-12 9hrs. $198

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