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for children under 13 yrs old. 

We transform untidy bedrooms and playrooms into inspiring after pics!






CALL 516-344-7326 FOR HELP!

CALL 516-344-7326 FOR HELP!

Our children's coach, Gina  is in her

12th year of providing educational services to young children; including kids with disabilities.  

Gina has also been a Nanny for 25 years 

She earned her Bachelors degree in Psychology at

C.W. Post  Master’s degree in Early Childhood, General Education & Special Education at Touro College.


 Our  deluxe package - Tutu Organized is named after Gina who is referred to as the Tutu Queen (due to her Tutu skirts and whimsical attire during children's coaching sessions).  Our Tutu Queen, Gina has dedicated her life to serving children and supporting parents.

Gina makes organizing a fun, fulfilling and attainable accomplishment with handy carry over tips to get kids motivated. Your children will function more efficiently & responsibly when they learn how to be "TuTu Organized".


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