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Here are a few organizing products selected just for you.

  • Livingroom

When your husband removes what he needs from the large closet, you can see if the bins containing utility and cleaning products fit up top in the large closet, so they are away from your daughter. 

  • Bedroom Closet 

If you need more space after bringing in all the fresh laundry, you can move the winter clothes from the top of your closet to the bunkers or get clothing storage bags and store them in the large closet(after your husband removes what he needs).

*This may not be necessary since we left you a couple empty drawers, which you said should be enough space any for incoming laundry.

  • Bathroom

  1. Move that trio bin of nail polishes  that are on the bathroom shelf to the bedroom dresser so you have a place for your daughters bath bin.

  2. You can go with our original idea:  under the sink organizers BUT I was thinking about that riser shelf that you mentioned, and I think it may be better for you to manage. You will just need to get the right size that will hold a bin.   You can probably fit 2 stacking riser shelfs under the sink.  That will allow you the option to place a bin with products that you don't use as often under there or you can transfer some of the cleaning products from under the sink floor to the riser shelf to clear some of that floor space.

  3. Deep bins will allow you to hold more items also allows taller items to stand up vs. laying them on their side to fit.  

*Before buying new bins, test out the size of the ones you currently have in the pantry to see if any of those are a good size for the bathroom shelf and for underneath the sink.  If so, you can buy a couple more of those.  If not, use their dimensions as a guide to help you choose the best ones.

  • Kids Corner

  1. A smaller fluffy area rug under her table.  Large fluffy rug can be rolled, stored in a large clear bag and taped then stored away for your move. 

  2. A chalk board or magnetic board for the refrigerator.  A chalk board may be preferrable to help her to start practicing writing. 

*let us know if you need clarity on any of the suggestions.


  • When shopping for any product think intentionally about both your current and possible future needs.

  • Check out the review of whatever product you decide on to see actual customer photos of what it looks like in a real space (not just the product pic)


  • Measure. Check the dimensions of the space you are buying products for to ensure the item will fit. 

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